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Learn from the guy who got me OUT of my law practice and INTO my purpose in less than a year... WITHOUT a dip in income!

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James Wedmore is the mentor who convinced me I needed leveraged offerings. He’s the reason that I moved from hustling nonstop to serving ONLY dream clients, while bringing in 4 times the revenue I had before I met him.

Business By Design is a COMPREHENSIVE online course / coaching experience / community + LIVE event experience that will help you bring the ease, flow, and fun back into your business by creating LEVERAGE and MARGIN (hallelujah!!!). 

It’s James’ signature program where he walks you, step by step, through the entire process of building the business of your dreams. You know, the one that fits around your life, instead of requiring you to hustle and stress around the clock!

Business By Design includes six CORE TRAINING MODULES packed with all of the information and support James has used to run his own multiple-seven-figure (soon to be 8-figure) company. James has distilled the best of the best training on offers, sales, mindset, team-building and marketing into this powerhouse of a program that you’ll have immediate and lifetime access to from the instant you enroll. 

James even shares his step-by-step processes, so there’s ZERO guess-work for you to implement these tried-and-tested strategies. 


"James Wedmore helped my business bring in multi-six-figures ALREADY in the first half of 2019. Being a part of his Inner Circle Mastermind has shown me a whole new level of growth, energy and impact that exists when we start to grasp the mindset of the digital CEO!”


"Anna Powers is one of the most genuine, resilient coaches I know. She's committed to helping her clients and students gain traction in their online businesses so they can serve powerfully and make a massive impact in the marketplace. When you work with Anna, you're working with someone who's truly invested in your success."


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And I’m not the only one raving about 

Aaron McCarthy

Jeff McMahon

Joy Capps

Oh, my! Being part of Anna’s BBD Inner Circle Group was incredible! Not only was she experienced with BBD and all that James teaches, she’s implemented so much of his teachings in her own business and was experiencing the success that I wanted in my own business. PLUS all the bonuses she offered with BBD? She delivered so much value! It was a no brainer.

The experience with Anna’s coaching group was impactful in my business. Because of some key questions Anna answered plus resources she provided I was able to excel much faster than on my own. There are so many places where we can get stuck as solopreneurs. Anna and the group helped me bust through many issues and get unstuck. Prior to BBD and Anna’s support, I was at 50 members in my membership, now, just nine months later, I’m at 670 members in my membership and am working to scale to the thousands. BBD + Anna’s Inner Circle Group Experience are part of what made this possible.

Katrina Sequenzia


Healthy Free Life

Enroll in Business By Design and Receive

5 days to Captivating Copy Online Program!

($147 value)

Nailing your message is the FASTEST way to fill your programs. And this online program will help you do it in 5 days or less. More than 3700 students have taken this program, and it consistently gets rave reviews. It’s yours FREE to complement your BBD experience. 

Complimentary ticket to Magnify LIVE, my signature 3-day live event in Atlanta, Georgia this October! ($297 value)

Let’s meet up in person for three full days in Atlanta, Georgia! You’ll get support on how to magnify your business in all areas, including messaging, marketing and mindset. We’re also bringing in phenomenal speakers like Enneagram expert Teresa McCloy, author/speaker Tommy Breedlove and emcee Rachel Perry, who’s hosted some of the nation’s top business events. Nothing substitutes for being LIVE in a room with other business owners who are passionate about moving their business forward. 

If you've already got a ticket to Magnify LIVE, we're upgrading you to VIP when you enroll in Business By Design through me!

Coaching Call: Building Your Ascension Model ($497 value)

James and I recently did a training together about how having more clients WON’T fix your business. Because if you’re constantly hustling to get new clients into a single program, your lifetime value for a customer stays crazy low. And the businesses that win always have the biggest lifetime value per customer or client. So what on earth are you to do? Build an ascension model within your business, a suite of programs that complement each other and take your customer on a journey. I’ve got one; James has got one; and this BONUS group coaching call will support you in building your own. 

Coaching Call: Stellar Sales in 5 Simple Steps ($497 value)

An effective sales conversation (you know, one that gets your clients to “YES” without you feeling like you need to go take a shower afterward) has five key elements. And you’ll learn how to implement each one of them in this BONUS group coaching call. I also share exactly what I saw at the top of sales calls to get my clients to convince ME that I should work with them. Knowing these key phrases will basically have your potential clients pitching YOU to take them on. 

Coaching Call: Magnetic Messaging

($497 value)

You already know that nailing your message is the fastest way to fill your programs. I’ll personally review your messaging questions on this BONUS group mentoring call. We’ll nail down your elevator pitch and tagline so your customers know EXACTLY how you help them and will, as a result, feel confident making the purchase. 

Coaching Call: Launch Strategies

($497 value)

It’s not enough to simply build out value-packed programs. You need to know how to FILL them, too. In this BONUS group mentoring call, I’ll share behind-the-scenes information on how to implement the most effective launch strategies online today. You’ll leave this call with a clear roadmap of what you need to do when to sell out your programs. 

Online Community (Priceless Value)

Connect with other BBD’ers who are learning from both me and James and get support in a small group setting. This hands-on support can make all the difference as you’ll be seen, heard, and known in our support group. No more getting lost in the crowd, and you’ll benefit from plenty of accountability to make sure you make the most of your investment in BBD. 

Launch Swipe File (Value: $997)

Grab my Magnetic Messaging™ swipe file, including every single email I wrote from my fall 2018 launch, which brought in around $18k with a tiny launch list of less than 300 people. These messages work, and you’ll be able to model and pattern your own launch after this tried and tested communication plan.

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Read this before you go . . . 

If there’s any part of you that’s hesitant about this decision, make sure to scroll up this page and check out Aaron Mac’s testimonial. He was nervous. I was nervous. We’re pretty much all a little nervous when making an investment that has the potential to pay off big time! 

I recently realized that I was able to leave my full-time law career just a single year after beginning to work with James by joining Business By Design. I dove into the program and started implementing the pieces I could with just my nights and weekends to work with. Fast forward just 2 short years and I’m running a multi-six-figure year leading a team of four, serving dream clients, and looking forward to our next phase of growth. 

BBD works, and I can’t wait to support you when you join through the mentoring calls, online community, swipe file, copywriting program, and live event you get access to in my bonus package! 

Let’s do this already!

I am an AFFILIATE for Business By Design.  This means that if you enroll in Business By Design through the links on this page, I get paid a commission.  That being said, I ONLY promote products and people that I use, trust and stake my reputation on. James Wedmore is one of those people, and Business By Design is one of those programs. PLUS, when you enroll in BBD through my links, you don't pay a penny extra AND you get my major copywriting bonuses and goodies in addition to James' amazing program! Win-win-win! 

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